Come work with us at Monitr

Monitr is the new kid on the block in the fintech startup space, and we would love to work with talented people like you. Our team is growing quickly and we have multiple job openings, checkout the open positions below and come start a new adventure with us.

JorenSoftware Engineer

Who are we?

Hello hello hello. 👋 We are the Monitr team, and we are excited that you might be joining us. Our team consists out of experts in their respective fields and we believe you can become one too. That's our vision, that's what we live by. You are driven by a passion, and together we can make sure that you'll blossom in your role so we can grow this great company.

This all sounds a bit cheesy, but we truly believe that teamwork makes the dream work. We have summer barbeques and winter fondue sessions, our fridges are stacked with food and drinks so you can fully focus on your passion, and we've got a couple of after work drinks and team buildings planned a year. 🍻

We are a tech driven company, lead by engineers. Even before corona we were aware that most work could be done from home productively, and we aren't planning on changing this. If you like to work in the office to get a cup of that sweet team spirit, join us. Do you have a cooking class at 6pm? Feel free to work from home, we are not babysitters, and you are mature enough to get your work done. Also, can you bring some leftovers from your class to the office? We love food 🍕❤️

What do we do?

Monitr is a new fintech startup that wants to give back cash flow control to companies. By allowing people to connect their accountancy software, and other smart integrations (Teamleader, HubSpot, Officient, ...) they are able to use Monitr for gaining better insights into their financial performance and to make a reliable forecast and runway.

They get a high-level analysis tailored to their own needs, with the possibility to drill down to the lowest level. This gives them a 360° overview of all their financial information.

Job Openings

Senior Frontend Developer

We are looking for an experienced frontend engineer with both the passion and skills necessary to build challenging user interfaces to support our vision of helping our customers succeed in taking control of their cash flow. The ideal candidate has a strong attention to detail and the ability to produce a highly polished and interactive frontend for an enterprise-level web application. Expertise in React, D3.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JavaScript frameworks are essential skills for this position. If building awesome web UIs excites you, we want to hear from you.


Senior Fullstack Developer

As we continue to grow, we're looking for a full-stack Javascript developer. Your primary focus will be developing full-stack features. You’ll implement them with the React framework with a Node.js back-end. You will ensure that you produce robust, secure, modular, and maintainable code while ensuring high performance and availability of our internal systems. Often, you will have to interface with members of the product team & development team. Your commitment to team collaboration and a quality product is crucial.