Pricing tailored to the growth of your business

At Monitr we believe in working together. Our business grows when your business grows. That's why our pricing is dependent on your revenue.

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Control your cash flow

Cash is the lifeline of your business. A good cash flow forecast is therefore essential. Monitr allows you to plan your future cash flow and then monitor it closely.

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Performance insights

Accounting and figures are seen by entrepreneurs as a burden rather than a pleasure. However, by making some adjustments in the way you handle your grades, you can turn them into a source of insight. Take control of your business through custom reports, and track your progress by easily comparing actuals against budget.

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Trustworthy figures

Many entrepreneurs manage their figures on a collection of error-prone spreadsheets. As a result, discussions often concern the reliability of reports, and not about conclusions that can be drawn from them. Thanks to Monitr you always have up-to-date and reliable figures available. Do not waste energy processing your figures and start your analysis immediately.

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Save time

Many companies manage their figures in different spreadsheets. This way of working is prone to errors and time consuming. Save time by automating your reporting and forecasts. This gives you more room to focus on your business.

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