Take control of your cash flow

As a SaaS or IoT company, a good cash flow forecast is essential. However, from experience we've noticed a lot of companies are struggling to get it right.

This is why we made a financial model template, to get you off on the right foot.

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Use this template to easily

  • Predict your future sales. This for your license, consultancy and hardware sales
  • Estimate the gross margin on this sale
  • Make a forecast of your personnel costs. Including holiday allowance and year-end bonus
  • Identify your expected sales and marketing costs
  • Manage the financing of your company
  • Process all this information in an insightful profit and loss account and cash flow forecast

What is Monitr?

Monitr is a reporting and cash flow forecasting solution for startups and businesses. Monitr gives you control over your figures by offering real-time reporting, adapted to the needs of your company. Thanks to a direct integration with your accounting software, you can always rely on correct and up-to-date figures and you do not lose time updating spreadsheets.

Cash flow forecasting

Know how much cash you have and what your runway is.

Tailored reports

Follow the growth of your business thanks to tailored reports.

Trustworthy figures

Always have the latest figures that you can rely on straight from your integrated software.

Save time

Don't lose time maintaining spreadsheets and focus on what is really important.

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