For many companies, personnel accounts for the lion's share of costs. However, entrepreneurs often do not have a good grip on this. Year-end bonuses and holiday pay make it difficult to predict cash flow. Manage your personnel budget in Monitr, and gain control over your cash flow.

Easily manage your personnel budget

Thanks to the user-friendly user interface, you can easily create your personnel budget. To get a complete picture of your costs, you can include employees as well as freelancers and consultants. In addition to the salary, we take into account various components of your personnel costs, such as social contributions, end-of-year bonuses & holiday pay and other benefits.

No worries about year-end bonuses and holiday pay

End-of-year bonuses and holiday pay often cause unpleasant surprises. Monitr automatically takes year-end bonuses and holiday pay into account in the cash flow forecast based on your input. This allows you to more accurately predict your monthly cash flow.