Trustworthy figures

Many entrepreneurs manage their figures on a collection of error-prone spreadsheets. As a result, discussions often concern the reliability of reports, and not about conclusions that can be drawn from them. Thanks to Monitr you always have up-to-date and reliable figures available. Do not waste energy processing your figures and start your analysis immediately.

Integration with your accountancy software

Thanks to a direct integration with your accountancy software, you always have figures that are correct and up-to-date. No more searching for the latest version of your report.


Your reports are complete and correct thanks to built-in validations. If deviations are found, you will be notified of this within Monitr and can easily correct them.

Adjusting entries

You can structurally register adjusting entries in Monitr so that you always have an overview of the differences between your statutory and management reporting.

Jump in the details

Analyze your figures in detail by clicking through to transaction level. Go from a general overview to a detailed insight.